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About Belkov Yacht Company

Belkov Yacht Company was founded in 1980 by Larry Belkov in what was once the mechanical shop of the John Trumpy & Sons boatbuilding complex in the Eastport section of Annapolis, Maryland. From a beginning in refitting and modifying existing vessels business evolved to include custom new boat design/construction and custom sportfishing boat interior design/construction. The design side of the business is now 3D computer modeling based with construction enhanced by CNC machining.

Ongoing relationships with custom sportfishing boat builders took the lead in fueling growth. In 2004 Larry built a new 7,200 square foot building on the Jabins Yacht Yard property where the company began operations January 1, 2005.

What makes us unique is our 3D yacht design, CNC machining and interior and component construction are all offered in house. This makes us a superior source for boatbuilders, owners and naval architects to enhance the design, manufacturing efficiency and weight savings and to ultimately fulfill the vision of the client.




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