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Sport Fish Yacht Interiors


Custom sportfishing boats have evolved through the skill, craftsmanship and fishing prowess of many famous builders in south Florida and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, keeping pace with today's technology in many ways. Computer cut jigs for hulls and superstructures greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the build process. Interior design and construction however have not changed much since the early days.

Stick-building - interiors painstakingly fitted and installed one piece at a time, a million trips on and off the boat, pencil sketches, things built two and three times. Conceptual arrangements plan that change over and over again during construction. Without a comprehensive plan of the interior before construction begins it’s impossible to avoid building some things two or three times. Problems arise when an owner having a new boat built starts seeing his delivery date slip and his cost projection become a distant memory.


We specialize in 3D designing custom sportfish interiors, building the interiors while the hull is under construction and delivering the interiors for installation at the exact moment the boat is ready.

The beauty of our service is it enables the boat to get built in less time, for less money.

+ Hull, Deck and Cabinhouse Design +

3D computer modeling is the core of our yacht interiors design/build service. We start with the hull, deck and cabinhouse model. Hull models are usually supplied to us by the builder's naval architect. We may also create the model in house by measuring an existing hull or modeling a new hull from the ground up. While we are not naval architects, we use naval architecture software and can perform a weight study and determine static trim at this stage.

+ Construction Jigs +

In the 3D model we can model construction jigs for the hull, cabinhouse, flybridge, etc. for CNC cutting. These jigs are cut and delivered to the builder with assembly drawings, jig base drawings and material list.

+ 2D Conceptual Arrangement +

Our designers create 2D conceptual arrangements that validate arrangement objectives with comfortable ergonomics that will fit in the boat. Allowances for space and access for all house systems are part of this initial stage of design. The convenience of online meetings makes owner and builder input and approvals easy and avoids project delays.

+ 3D Conceptual Modeling +

With the 2D conceptual arrangement approved our design team builds the 3D model of the interior. This conceptual stage of modeling can be "virtually walked through" enabling the owner and the builder to approve or request changes easily.

+ Systems Layout +

Significant cost and time savings result from finalizing tanks, equipment locations, equipment accesses, mechanical runs of ducting, plumbing and wiring, etc. in the 3D model. Our designers work with the builder to create a plan that incorporates the builders preferred practices for systems installations. The builder can pre-wire and pre-plumb the boat before the interior is installed. The rough in of systems becomes more efficient without the interior in the way and final hook-ups after the interior is installed is comparatively quick and easy. Another big advantage of pre-wiring and pre-plumbing is the avoidance of damage to the interior that seems inevitable when systems are left to install until after the interior is installed.

+ Weight Analysis/Management +

A weight study is compiled by giving weight properties to items in our 3D model and letting the computer analyze displacement and static trim.

+ 3D Detail Modeling +

All parts and pieces, hardware, components, equipment, etc. can be included in our 3D model. The final shapes created at this phase of modeling will become the toolpaths that the CNC router cuts on our shop floor. Accuracy at this stage is to the third decimal place of an inch. The time spent modeling is saved many times over on the shop floor.

+ 2D Drawing Export from 3D Model +

2D drawings are exported from our model for our own shop floor, the boatbuilder, vendors and suppliers. These drawings can include plumbing, electrical, structural, stainless steel fabrication, tanks, etc.

+ CNC Toolpath Export and Machining +

Toolpaths are the information the computerized router (CNC) uses to cut interior parts from panel products and solid wood. The toolpaths created from our 3D model include information the router uses to cut joints, hardware mounting holes, access panels, ventilation, etc. 98% of all the raw materials (solid wood, veneer, etc.) used on our interiors are cut on a computerized router based on toolpaths that come from our 3D models.

+ Interior Construction +

An entire interior joinerwork package is constructed, fully operational and thoroughly quality control inspected to insure highest quality. All rooms are completely assembled to insure fit and ease of installation.

+ Interior Finishing +

We offer expert finishing application by finishing specialty subcontractors.

+ 2D Installation Documentation +

Drawings and model views showing critical installation dimensions and sequence are provided at delivery of our interiors.

+ Delivery +

Interior deliveries are coordinated with builder to be just in time for installation so that storage and possible damage from storage are minimized.

+ On Site Support +

We remain available to boatbuilder throughout the project for onsite support.

We have experience in designing vessels with Pod drives and maximizing the advantages pods offer.