established in 1980

Belkov Yacht Company designs and builds ultra-high-quality yacht interiors. We are keenly in tune with the yacht builder and his team focusing on superb design, systems integration, lightweight and seaworthy construction and most importantly exceeding expectations.  We offer a significant advantage in achieving a successful vessel completion on time and within budget.

Nearly four decades ago, the desire to build uniquely functional and aesthetically striking boats lay the foundation for our superbly talented team of boatbuilders and designers. Brought together by a love of boats and being on the water, we derive great satisfaction from turning the many challenges and complexities of designing and building yacht interiors into a high functioning, high performing complement to a fine yacht.


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Our approach


3D computer modeled design/engineering from conception through construction-ready enables virtual walk-throughs and full vetting design and ensures clients' vision will be fulfilled.


Hand crafted yacht joinerwork combined with the latest in automated production techniques and processes achieve the finest quality along with optimum efficiency and value.


Each area of interior is pre-assembled on our shop floor for final fit and quality assurance.  Assembly is documented to assist in ease and efficiency of installation requiring minimal time slot in vessel build schedule.